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Adventure North Snowmobile Tours Minocqua, WI & Northern Wisconsin on Facebook


Adventure North Snowmobile Tours Minocqua, WI & Northern Wisconsin on Facebook

Adventure North Snowmobile Tours FAQ

  • Can we bring our own snacks and drinks along for the Tour?
    Yes, be sure to pack the food tightly in zip-lock bags inside snow proof soft pack. Packs can be strapped to the back of sleds. Please do not bring any alcoholic beverages along on the tour. We have a refrigerator at the office/shop where we can keep it cold for after the ride. And no glass of course...
  • Will we have stop breaks for photos and video cameras or just hanging out in the pines?
    Yes, your guide will always take a "photo break" in all those snowy Christmas card scenic spots. If the guest wants to stop at any time for a photo or for any reason this is also encouraged.
  • How is the scenery way up there in the north during the winter?
    Well picture those same 100 foot tall pines with snow covering the branches while you are gliding by a blazing white lake so bright you have to stop again and take another picture. And yet you know there is no camera on earth that can capture what this is all about....
  • What is the trail speed like?
    Trail speed is always dictated by the trail conditions, weather and rider ability. Your guide will always set a safe and fun trail speed for every situation.
  • Do the tours ride off trail?
    Yes and No. There are plenty of excellent groomed trail riding opportunities along with lake riding. In most of the trail riding areas, we must stay on the trail.  There are times when we will ride in untracked snow in the more northern areas where the snow gets deep. Also, many lakes to cross and that can be some of the best off trail riding around.
  • Are the trails going to be bumpy?
    Some days especially when its warm the trail can bump up in areas near the corners on almost any trail no matter how well its groomed. Wisconsin has close to 24,000 miles of groomed trails and are groomed and maintained by roughly 20 snowmobile clubs in the northern half of the state alone! These clubs raise money for trail grooming through contributions, donations, raffles and are the back bone of the snowmobiling experience.
  • What is the best way to dress?
    You can always be sure you are prepared for snowmobiling by dressing in multiple layers. Any type of snow gear is suitable. The snowmobiles have grip warmers and as a driver it is rare to get cold. As a passenger, wear extra warm gloves. We do take stop breaks in any of the trailside resorts if need be. Wearing a head sock under your helmet is another great way to stay warm. Always wear insulated water proof boots when snowmobiling. Bring sunglasses as well because they will work with the helmet shield in the down position.Adventure North Snowmobile Tours FAQ

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Adventure North Snowmobile Tours Minocqua, WI  & Northern Wisconsin

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Minocqua Pontoon Cruises, of Minocqua, Wisconsin provides relaxing, informative and safe boat cruises for our guests on the beautiful Minocqua chain of lakes.

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